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Killer Queen

Considered the world's best Queen tribute band, playing for the first time ever in Adelaide!

John Blunt's Killer Queen Experience has launched into 2016 taking all before them, as they cement their position as Australia’s premier International Touring Queen Tribute.

Consecutive sold out shows in Australia and international touring commitments will take the act to Singapore, China and Brazil which loads up 2016 in what promises to be the bands heaviest touring schedule to date.

Blunt has also been busy, spending February and March of this year in the UK filming a special project set for international release later in 2016 and recording a single, paying homage to Freddie Mercury due for release in October.

According to Blunt, the secret to the act’s success is simple. We are constantly touring, always looking for new audiences that want to experience the feel good feeling that Queen gives you. Last year we toured India, and the reaction from the people to Queen’s music was the same as any other country we have toured, the same emotion and excitement is felt throughout the world.

Killer Queen respects the three special milestones of Queen and Freddie Mercury when performing in 2016. This year, on September 5th, Freddie would have turned 70. It is also the 30th anniversary of Queen’s tour of Australia in 1986, and the 25th anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death on November 24th 1991.

We guarantee to blow your mind!